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Tips to Avoid Vehicle Water Damage | Jacksonville Collision Center

Tips to Avoid Water Damage to Your Vehicle

At Fields Collision Center Jacksonville, keeping the car you love in great condition is our calling. If youíre looking for Florida collision centers you can count on to take some of the pain out of collision repair, we want you to count on us. Weíre also committed to helping our customers prevent damage before it happens. Itís wonderful living on the beautiful coast of Florida, but it also means your car is vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding. We have some helpful tips to stop water damage before it can start.

Seal it up

If you know that strong rains are approaching, and your vehicle is outdoors, seal it up thoroughly to prevent any water seeping in. This includes rolling up all your windows, ensuring the doors are completely shut, and closing your sunroof if you have one. Inspect your windows regularly to detect cracks or chips that could allow moisture to seep in when a storm hits. This moisture can damage your interior, create a breeding ground for mold, and make the inside of your car smell terrible.

Move to higher ground

If you have any hills near your home, take advantage of them when a storm strikes. Parking your car on a hill where the flood waters canít reach it will protect your undercarriage from potential mechanical and electrical damage.

Stay away from standing water

You might enjoy going for a swim, but your car doesnít. You may encounter puddles, both during heavy rains and after, and plowing through them is a bad idea. Deep puddles have the power to damage both the underside and the interior of your vehicle. If youíre forced to pass through a puddle, do it at a slow and steady speed and donít stop.

We hope with these helpful tips you can better avoid water damage to your vehicle. At our Lexus Certified Collision center serving Ormond Beach, FL, we understand sometimes damage does happen, and when it does, we can help. We can treat water as well as wind damage, perform all kinds of auto body repairs, and we offer car restoration services. Visit us today at 56 Jackson Road so together we can keep your car in optimal condition.