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Car Care Tips For Jacksonville, FL Drivers

Car Care Tips

At Fields Collision Center Jacksonville, our central mission is satisfying our customers and making their lives easier. Whether youíve recently experienced an accident and you need a mechanical repair or could use some water damage control, our team of highly-trained experts is here for you at our Lexus Certified Collision Center. We want to be the one-stop shop whenever you need car repairs, and weíre happy to provide some supplemental advice for keeping your car in great condition.

Protecting Your Carís Surface

One of the cardinal rules to keep your car looking like new is keeping it out of the sun. Sun-damaged cars can become cracked and discolored. Washing your car regularly not only removes dirt, it removes bird droppings and bugs as well, which can cause significant damage to your carís coat if left in place. Sap from trees is another substance you might have thought of as harmless, but not only does it collect dirt, it can actually stain your carís surface.

Washing Your Car

You need to regularly wash your car to keep your paint job pristine, and there are a few ways that you can go about it. If you prefer to wash your car by hand, make sure you always do so in the shade and never in direct sunlight. Begin by first rinsing your vehicle down so you remove the loose dirt. Always use two buckets, one with soapy water and one with clean, and use cleaning products made to safely clean without stripping your carís wax coat, as well as a cotton mitt or a natural sea sponge. If you choose to go the car wash route, take your vehicle to a brushless car wash because those harsh brushes could actually scratch up your vehicle.

Waxing Your Car

Waxing, like washing, should never be done in direct sunlight, because when the wax gets heated up it can actually damage your carís finish. Use a real, high-quality waxing product, and wax one small area at a time. Use a foam applicator, rather than a cloth, to get a nice even coat, and then buff with a microfiber cloth.

We want to inform and empower our customers so together we can keep your car in great shape. When your car has incurred damage from the elements or an accident and youíre looking for a Florida collision center you can trust, we want you to count on us. Not only do we provide mechanical repairs, but also paintless dent removal and complete car restoration services. The friendly and professional team at 56 Jackson Rd in Jacksonville, FL looks forward to helping you soon.