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What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident | Florida Repair Center

What to Do in Case of an Auto Accident…


At Fields Collision Center Jacksonville, we hope that all of our customers are able to avoid collisions in the first place, but there are many variables on the road, and sometimes accidents happen. When they do, instead of panicking or worrying, your best bet is to stay calm and follow a prepared plan. We would like to be your trusted choice in Florida collision centers, and we’re happy to go through some important steps that can reduce danger, stress, and damage.


Auto Accident Tips


  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Check for injuries—nothing is more important than the health and safety of the people involved in the accident!
  • If it is possible to safely move the vehicles, get them off the roadway away from traffic.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.
  • After you’ve checked on everyone’s well-being, inspect the specific damage each vehicle might have incurred.
  • In addition to making notes about damage, take down the names, addresses, and license numbers of everyone involved, as well as plate numbers and descriptions of the vehicles.
  • No matter the severity of the incident, call the police.
  • If there are witnesses, take down their information as well.
  • Contact your insurance immediately.
  • Call our collision center to set up an appointment for car repairs as soon as possible.


Things You Shouldn’t Do in Case of an Accident


  • You shouldn’t be signing any documents that don’t come from either the police or your insurance company.
  • Don’t admit guilt or offer to pay for damage to other cars.
  • Don’t accept a cash payment for damage to your car.


The most important things to remember are to remain calm and courteous, even in stressful situations, prioritize making sure that everyone is uninjured or gets the help they need, take notes of all the information you can, and call the police, even for a minor accident. When you need someone to turn to for car repairs, whether mechanical repairs, dent removal, or exterior and interior trim work, we will be there for you. As a Lexus Certified Collision Center, we are able to offer all of our customers an on-site rental vehicle, so you are inconvenienced as little as possible. We hope that you will depend on us for all your auto body repair needs.



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