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Car Parts Commonly Upgraded | Collision Center Near Jacksonville, FL

Common Car Parts to Upgrade at Fields Collision Center


Fields Collision Center, located at 56 Jackson Road in Jacksonville, FL, is a recent addition to the Fields Auto Group. While we're new to the Fields family, we're not a new body shop; we have nearly six decades' worth of experience in servicing luxury brands, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, and Ferrari. What's more, we're a Lexus Certified Collision Center, providing perks that go the extra mile for Lexus owners. While we're proud of our collision work, there are many other types of body work and accessories that can enhance your vehicle.

Introduction to Car Parts

Generally speaking, car parts are of two types: OEM and Aftermarket. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is what it sounds like; they're the same parts the manufacturer used to build your car in the first place. Aftermarket parts are made by third parties, and either act as substitutes for the OEM parts, or are parts for things like car body modifications that the OEM doesn't offer. While OEM parts usually offer the best fit and finish, we carefully source our aftermarket parts so that they're up to our high standards. A reputable body shop will explain the pros and cons of OEM or aftermarket parts prior to making auto body repairs so you can make an informed choice.

Signs of Malfunctioning Parts

While most people think of their powertrain -- the engine and transmission -- as the prime culprits of a malfunction, they may not realize that sometimes a body component is just as likely to be the culprit when it comes to those odd knocks, rattles, and other noises their car makes. We've got many years of experience diagnosing those noises. Don't be surprised if we ask you to repeat them a few times if you sound funny imitating your car (we won't upload clips to YouTube, we promise), but we're actually pretty good at diagnosing and fixing those issues when they're body-related. If it turns out to be mechanical, we'll refer you to a Jacksonville, FL service center so you get the right fix the first time.

Common Replacement Parts

As a collision center, we specialize in repairing the damage caused by day-to-day life, whether it was your kid backing into a parking meter while you taught them to parallel park, some jerk who was careless with their shopping cart outside Publix, or the fender bender caused by an inattentive driver who was talking on their cell phone while you were trying to merge onto I-95. We also offer car restoration service, so if you've been meaning to restore your old luxury car or a phenomenal garage find to a condition that's ready for the next auto show, we can help. We also perform installations of trim, lighting, ground effects, and other modifications.

A Thought in Closing

The aftermath of even a minor fender bender can be disorienting. Body work shouldn't be. That's why Fields Collision Center does its utmost to make sure you're taken care of at every step in the process, that you understand what's going on, and that we've done all we can to turn your situation into a positive one. If you need Lexus collision service, visit our shop, located at 56 Jackson Road in Jacksonville, FL. If you have questions about our service, insurance, or anything else with which we can help, call ahead to (904) 641-7038.