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How to Protect Your Car from the Elements

If you’re a Florida driver in search of an expert service and body repair partner, turn to Fields Collision Center Jacksonville. Our team of seasoned technicians is here to handle everything from dent removal to wind and water damage to extensive body repairs. While we’re happy to help resolve any exterior and interior concerns, you can exercise smart habits as a driver to keep your vehicle in excellent condition throughout the elements.

Protecting Your Vehicle Exterior

Florida sunshine is a wonderful aspect of daily life in the area, but it can also wreak havoc on your car. To avoid staining, rusting, and paint degradation as a result of prolonged sun exposure and other natural elements, there are a few simple measures you can incorporate into your driving routine.

  • Seek shade if possible: Since sun can degrade your vehicle’s paint job, it’s wise to seek a shaded space — such as a garage or carport — when parking your vehicle. This action can go a long way toward extending the beautiful paint finish.

  • Wash your vehicle regularly: In addition to the sun, rain, and dirt, other factors such as bird droppings or tree sap can wear down your car’s paintwork. Avoid this damage by regularly hand washing your car or visiting the carwash.

  • Wax your car once or twice a year: Waxing your vehicle can create another level of protection against the sun’s rays, so you may want to consider an application once or twice a year.

Keeping Your Car’s Interior in Excellent Shape

The sun and natural elements can have just as much of an impact to the interior of your vehicle as well. Try these tactics to keep your car in optimal condition from the inside out.

  • Park in the shade: Temperatures can soar inside your vehicle when parked under direct sunlight. Keep your car parked in the shade to reduce the chance of overheating or the impact of the sun on your vehicle upholstery and other details.

  • Use seat covers and sun panels: These can serve as another line of defense against the sun or dirt that’s brought in from the outside to keep your upholstery in great condition and your seats cooler to the touch.

  • Keep your interior clean: Your vehicle can accumulate a large amount of debris and dust, which could lead to staining and damage to fabric and trimming. Prevent this damage by regularly spot cleaning and vacuuming your vehicle.

Why Partner with Fields Collision Center Jacksonville?

While the sun is a predictable constant throughout the year, collisions and damage to your vehicle as a result of inclement weather and storms are not always easy to prepare for. When you’re in need of serious auto body repairs, we’re here to step in and provide swift and skilled solutions at our Jacksonville, FL collision center.